Steaks & Sweet potato hash with kale

I found this recipe on this website

It’s great!

Sweet potato hash with kale

• 1 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and dice into small cubes

• 1 medium onion, finely diced

• 2 cups kale, finely chopped

• 3 tbsp butter, or cooking fat of choice

• 1 tbsp minced garlic

• 1/4 tsp ground sage

• 1/4 tsp smoked paprika

• 1/4 tsp rosemary

• 1 tsp coarse sea salt

We split this between two.

You basically fry it all together until cooked through we actually made a mash out of it in the end but the taste of this is great!

And two large steaks some people have eggs but we needed some meat and decided on steak!

I do recommend this recipes & this is what I had for dinner! Sorry there’s not pictures!

Summer Dieting – Take 1


Current weight – 10st

Good morning/ afternoon depending on whenever you are reading this, I hope you are well.

I have spent the past few weeks drinking alcohol and making bad food decisions, my body has starting feeling the bad side of it and its time to change!

My plan is to keep a relatively low carb, high protein/ fat diet, lets get this straight now i’m not talking strict restrictions.. I didn’t cope well with that! Mainly the aim is to stay under 100g of carbs and to get as much fresh produce instead of processed rubbish, I will be keeping track of this on the Myfitnesspal app.

I will take as many photos as I can of my meals so I can share them with you, if not I will upload the stats from MFP so I have something to show!

Another thing to work on is exercise, I mean I start it, do it for about 3 weeks on a strict schedule then stop completely. I do feel a massive benefit when I do exercise and I don’t know why I stop or why I find it so hard to get back in to! Im going to say let stick with getting the diet down for a bit then work on increasing the exercise I get a week!

Thank you for reading, follow me if your interested in if I make any progress with this!



Keto Chocolate Almond Butter Cups (non low carb recipe available)

Mine ended up a funny shape cause I squeezed them on to a plate that was a little bit too small. Also I’m very messy as you can see!! They still taste the same though!

Quantity 10-12


100g chocolate unsweetened (or any chocolate if your not worrying about carbs)

2tbsp coconut oil

2tbsp butter

100g almond butter ( I picked almond butter cause it was slightly lower carb but you can use whatever nut butter you wish)

4tsp swerve

1 pinch of salt


Melt the chocolate , butter & coconut oil together

Mix the almond butter with the swerve & salt

Pour half the chocolate mixture in to the bottom of the cupcake cases

Spoon full of almond butter mix on top

The another layer of chocolate over the top so that it covers the almond butter

To set leave in the fridge for 30 mins? It didn’t take too long to set.

Eat now or put in the fridge to eat later!

Obviously the nutritional content will vary with what chocolate or nut butter you use!

Pulled chicken lettuce tacos (paleo)

Hi everyone this is the recipe for the pulled chicken tacos I made yesterday!

For the wrap we used big lettuce leaves

We fried up two chicken breast with oil & spices ( honey, chilli powder, basil & garlic) tomatoes and red onions. Once the chicken was cooked I shredded it up!

We made a guacamole by smashing a avocado, a bit of onion, garlic & chilli

Lay out a few leaves of lettuce & and split the chicken in half on to our plates with a large dollop of guac so we can make our own!

I love tacos and I miss the crunch but these were yummy & the other half like them too so overall a success!!