3 Cheap & Easy DIY Gifts

Easy knitted scarf

Pattern I used was knit,purl I had cast on I think 20 stitches and used two balls of wool from wool and the gang!

To see what it turned out like click the link!


Easy beaded flower bracelet

This bracelet is so cute and really easy to make, wary my video linked below to see how easy it is to make!


Super easy Bow hair clips

These are so cute and so cheap to make. There are lots of ways to make these and they are all on YouTube, here is how I made mine..


Trying to be crafty again.. Turning my Knitted Cardigan in to a Dress

Soooo ive had this cardigan for ages and I haven’t really enjoyed wearing it so it often gets shoved in a draw.. seeing as its being getting a bit cooler were I am I decided to see if I could make it in to something that I would wear more often. I have also for ages wanted to sew a fleece type dress for winter and this was the closest thing I had without buying any more fabric.

I had 2 problems was that the cardi was lined partly with this fluffy material, so I had to separate the two before  could do anything with the material anyway. The second was that the cardigan was to short for the dress that I wanted! So I used the material I had from carefully picked off around the bottom of the dress to sew it on to the bottom so it was a tad longer & less revealing. Im pretty happy with the result I ended with it looks okay, there are only a few bits of stitching i’m unhappy with & I can always accessorize with a belt to make the dress look more fitted.

It was a really fun project to turn what I had in to something new & more appealing! its made me think about all the stuff I could do with the rest of my clothes (obviously not all of them but I do get carried away..). I think my next project will be turning some leggings & a top in to a jumpsuit.

I tried to film it with a voice over and its not really worked out but I posted it anyway here

How I made my polkadot kimono

What I used:

  • Polka dot ciffon style material L150cmXH120cm (I 150×150 just to make it longer, I am size 8 to 10 UK)
  • Thread matching the material
  • a needle & thread/ sewing machine ( I used a sewing machine but you the only time consuming bit would be the hemming If you did this by hand, so you could always try a fabric that you dont need to hem)
  • Scissors
  • A measuring tape

Just a note to start off with my fabric didn’t have a right side or wrong side, so always be aware when your sewing your piece together, that you will want the stitching in the inside( wrong side ) of the fabric, so it’s not visable when your wearing it!

Very easy to follow videos & picture guides on YouTube and Pinterest! I tried my best to explain but sometimes it’s easiest to watch!

  1. I started off with a piece of material 150cmx120cm and folded that in half , so that the fold is furthest away from you and pinned to keep in place.
  2. I folded the fabric in half again so that left side met with the right and measured a box to cut out of the corner with the loose ends. I riskily didn’t actually measure this and winged it, definitely leaving more room so that the sleeves were bigger rather than smaller.
  3. Then when you unfold the fabric once & take the fabric to the machine to sew up the sides so that the sleeve and sides were in tact.  It was pretty easy just remember to take your time its 90 degree angle on each side so its not too much.
  4. This was a bit I wanted to measure.. The half way line so that we had a opening to get in to the kimono.. So measuring half way across your fabric cut right  up to the fold.
  5. So its starting to look like a kimono now and for some you may be done if you don’t need to hem!  I did so I hemmed all the sleeves and bottom of the kimono and I was done!

Though its not perfect i’m pretty happy with how this turned out, yes the stitching goes a bit funny on the back of the neck.. but my hair hides that. the rest of it looks really neat and I dont think I have ever sewn that straight before in my life soooo chuffed!

God knows where ill wear it but it was fun making it & pretty quick.

I have a blog problem..(explanation)

I keep creating new places for me to create content and express myself.. when you have too many this can become sooo overwhelming.. its not like I was constant on any of them including this blog.

I would spend so much time thinking about all the different blogs and never keep track &  I wasn’t actually making any content. Time to change me thinks!

So I basically write for myself but I obviously love when others read and enjoy it. Typing, writing & organising helps me feel sane and brings me back down to earth giving me that extra feeling of accomplishment once i’ve published a post.

Putting all my content and thoughts in different places has cause a little bit of mayhem in my mind and I am not ready for it yet haha! So I have split my blog in to categories which are listed along the top of my blog for easy access. I understand that some people may not be interested in everything that I post, which is why its been split up!

When I do post i’ll only be posting on here & I am going to try to dramatically reduce the amount of time I spend on Tumblr & Pinterest and try to focus on this, maybe even include it in my posts, eg top 5 pins this week so i’m being productive at the same time..

I am in the process of bring my old blog posts from other blogs on to this one so I am sorry if it fills your feed with my old posts but I really want to transfer them over, some have been scheduled so they aren’t all at once, so you may notice they have old dates.

Thank you for reading my explanation, I hope your all having a positive day!