5 Things I Do To Get Motivated // Facts Friday

I am currently struggling to do what I need to do & when I need to do it..

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I have been researching how to gain motivation many hours on google and youtube later. I think i’ve found out why i’m not doing the things I so desperately need to do, I simply don’t want to. This is a mind set that I need to change and need to change now because it is starting to make my life a little more complicated than it should. I feel anxious going back and doing tasks I should have completed a long time ago, its most likely a guilty conscience. As these things I need to do are not difficult they are every day things that I just don’t want to do but everyone else manages to do them.

  • Set a Goal – The first thing I need to set is a goal… I have so many goals that I am try to reach so I am actually going to set two, write and post everyday for 30 days & to exercise everyday this week. These are just small goals that are achievable, not too scary and its not to much.
  • Track it – I like to be able to see how long i’ve been doing something for it makes me feel a little more achieved. I have been using a gridded notebook to create a tracker and I love filling it in each day. If your paperless create a spreadsheet and enter your info daily, share it with you phone if thats easier.
  • Find Inspiration – I like Pinterest & have thought about finding some things to put on my wall but I haven’t done that yet. I do though have many Pinterest boards full up with tonnes of stuff I want, where I would like to go & dream homes.. Pinterest basically has a ridiculous amount of ideas on there and some pretty useful stuff.
  • Ted Talks – I have currently become obsessed by ted talks on youtube lately, there are so many different ones depending on what you’re looking for, Im currently listening to Dr Shimi Kang, What one skill = an awesome life? and she is an excellent speaker. Give them a chance some may help.
  •  Commit – Stick to what ever you set your goal, I know it can be hard and some days you may not feel like it but you can do it remember you set that goal because it was achievable. You believed you could do it at the start so believe now!

Right well i’m going to go and get started on planning the next 29 days of posts.. These tips work for me, for some it may take a little more, figure out what you need to do and write your self a little plan! I love a good plan, anyway thank you for reading I hope your having a wonderful day!

I want to start a Youtube but I fell down the stairs & ripped my leggings

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I want to create content for Youtube, I have loads of ideas floating round my head but every time I go create something, something bad happens to me.. As mad as it may sound  I had written myself a plan I was finally feeling confident about things and then I fell down the stairs, landed on two hangers, ripped my leggings and had a massive breakdown.

Being able to control how I feel would be a massive benefit in this situation. Maybe putting forward some of that passion I feel when i’m sad or angry about something and using it for productive things. I am not able to do that yet.. I go on full shut down. I am going to try to stop that, which is why I have written this post instead of shutting down…!

I have uploaded a rather boring video of me speaking about me finishing projects & a scarf it took me a while to knit, 2 years to be precise.. Plus me talking about finishing projects then here I am crying about not finishing one cause bad stuff always happens haha!

Let me know who’s content you like watching on youtube down in the comments!

I like to watch Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas, Annika Victoria, David Dobrik and many more!

Do you prefer when someone puts out video content or Written content or both?!

My Current Music Playlist

Soooo Ive been listening to these same songs on shuffle for about half a year now, slowly adding things as I go…

Its a bit of a weird mix but here we go

  1. What I Wanna ~ Mostack
  2. Wavey (feat. Alika) ~ CLiQ
  3. Tip Toe ~ Jason Derulo
  4. Fit But you know it ~ The Streets
  5. What you know ~ Two door Cinema Club
  6. Are you gonna be my girl ~ Jet – Loveeee this song
  7. Never Been In Love ~ Talib Kweli
  8. Him & I ~ Geazy & Halsey
  9. Glorious ~ Macklemore
  10. Cant Hold us ~ Macklemore
  11. This Anthem ~ Dub Pistols
  12. Build me up Buttercup ~ The foundations
  13. Kiss with a fist ~ Florence + The machine
  14. P.I.M.P ~ 50 cent
  15. Candy Shop ~ 50 Cent
  16. Nevermind ~ David Lloyd
  17. Oh My ~ Dappy & Ay em
  18. Move your feet ~ Junior senior
  19. Friends ~ RAYE
  20. Smile ~ Lily Allen
  21. Foundations ~ Kate Nash
  22. Majesty ~ Niki Minaj
  23. Man Down ~ Shakka
  24. Body ~ Loud Luxury
  25. In Da Club ~ 50 cent


Time to create a new everyday playlist, although I love these songs a lot, I need change! Let me know your fave song at the moment, if you have time to leave a comment!

Thank you!

7 more inspirational quotes I love ~ 3

‘ You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down ‘  Toni Morrison

‘ The most effective way to do it is to do it ‘ Amelia Earhart

‘ Failure is success in progress ‘ Albert Einstien

‘ What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, What if you fly? ‘ Erin Hanson

‘ Do something today that your future self will thank you for ‘

‘ Dont look back, your not going that way ‘

‘ When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars ‘


I haven’t felt so positive lately and have been lacking in putting effort in to what I want from life. These blog posts “inspirational quotes” remind me that we are all moving forward, some are a little further than others. The quotes I search through and write are ones that help lift my spirits a little and help keep my working for what I want.

Do you have a favourite quote?

The Best Self Care apps

Good Morning, I hope you are well this fine day! I am here to talk to you about my four favourite self care apps and why they are my favourite too!

Shall we start it off easy? Say with a bit of breathing..

Oak – Oak is a app that that helps you meditate and also can run through some breathing exercises with you as well. The meditation sessions vary from 10 – 30 minutes or you can go for unguided meditation for a time of your choice. I found these sessions ever so relaxing! The breathing exercises have helped me quite a few times. I often lose track of my breathing and if I have my phone handy I can do a short session which helps bring my heart rate down and keep me calm!

My Fitness pal – Fitness & exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.. so when I remember I like to keep track of what i’m eating and what I have burnt with the Myfitnesspal App, I have used it for ages and I do enjoy using it when I do but I just forget to often!

Yoga studio – This is honestly my favourite, I have been doing short sessions for ages and really enjoyed how much better and less tight I felt after each class. Today I went big for the 60 minute session thinking I may get board or not be able to do the whole thing but I did it! With no moaning as well, in fact I feel happier for doing it!

Fitbit – Once again another remember. When I remember to charge my Fitbit, haha, I love the Fitbit app the fact its in sync with my watch is great. being able to track my heart rate accurately is super helpful. The most interesting thing I would say is the sleeping tracker! Honestly love my Fitbit to pieces.

These are my 4 favourite self care apps what are yours?