Ebay Update

So not everything always goes as planned… I sold 3 items 1 which is still awaiting payment. I need to chase that up! I sold;

New balance trainers- 20.06

Sunglasses- 2.16

Boo hoo jacket- awaiting payment

So it’s time to repost everything do more detailed description and thinking about my pricing. Let’s see if there is any improvement s next week!

Week one eBay profit – £ 17.56 (after p&p fees)

Making some pocket money on eBay

I had a day off on Friday and I thought I better make the most of it, so I grabbed the shoes I cleared out the other day and started taking photos for my eBay listings.

I had listed a pair of New Balance trainers earlier in the week for it to finish on Sunday morning, I listed them for a couple of quid as they were used. I watched them climb up in price, and on the day they sold for £16.97 +£4 shipping. So from that it made me think that this was a good way to start my earning journey, it would be nice to start with a clean slate and a bit of extra cash in the pot!

The rest of my listings end on Friday which isn’t ideal as weekend days are usually the best day to end auctions on but it’s okay let’s see how this goes then I’ve got my clothes I need to upload! eBay or selling online is a good way to boost your balance if you have stuff you don’t need/use anymore.

I really enjoyed clearing out my stuff and being able to organise what I want to keep instead of not having enough room and having to chuck everything in a box to hide.. Selling on eBay is very rewarding and I can’t help but feel a bit of a lift when I make a sale! I know quite a few people that have made quite a lot of money through selling online so why not give it a go if you haven’t yet?!

I’ll update you here on Friday with any further sales & updates on selling online!

04/06/18 Total – £16.16

10 Date Nights when you’re on a No Spend

You don’t have to spend money every date night! Here are a few ideas some a bit more fun than others!

  1. Romantic walk somewhere new. The nights are long and light at the moment.,make the most of it. Going out and walking is relaxing, good for you and a nice time to bond with each other, not to mention that you’ll be getting fresh air and its definitely better than watching TV! You get extra points for going somewhere new, being able to decided together and experiencing a new place together is always fun.
  2. Feed the ducks. I used to love feeding the ducks so much when I was younger.. and I still do! Grab your partner and some duck friendly snacks and head to a duck pond, if you don’t have any duck friendly snacks, its nice just to go and sit by the pond, water noises & wildlife can be very relaxing.
  3. Have a spa night. Give each other massages, put on face masks, pluck each others eyebrows! Give each other a full beauty treatment, everyone  loves a little bit of pampering.
  4. Board games! Don’t forget about board games, you don’t always have to stick to the rules just have fun with each other. Board games can pass hours whilst having fun a the same time.
  5. Baking. Cupcakes, pastry whatever you two have a craving for make it! Baking is an enjoyable and you can do it together plus you get to eat whatever you make after! Make what you can out of what you have in the cupboards!
  6. Plan a Holiday. Going on holiday is so exciting but can be overwhelming so date night could include you planning your next trip!
  7. Volunteer together. Giving back to the community is a great way to spend your time, if you can do it together thats even better!
  8. Bike ride. Similar to walking together, exercise + fresh air is going to do you good and put you in a good mood for when you get home.
  9. Browse a DIY store and think about what you want to change and upgrade. When I worked in a diy store you would see so many couples in the evening just browsing together & enjoying each other company!
  10. Rearrange and reorganise your life together. Write out a meal plan for the next week, each of you write a list of goals and try and help each other reach then, clear out your clothes, type out a savings tracker.. there are so many more!