The Best Self Care apps

Good Morning, I hope you are well this fine day! I am here to talk to you about my four favourite self care apps and why they are my favourite too!

Shall we start it off easy? Say with a bit of breathing..

Oak – Oak is a app that that helps you meditate and also can run through some breathing exercises with you as well. The meditation sessions vary from 10 – 30 minutes or you can go for unguided meditation for a time of your choice. I found these sessions ever so relaxing! The breathing exercises have helped me quite a few times. I often lose track of my breathing and if I have my phone handy I can do a short session which helps bring my heart rate down and keep me calm!

My Fitness pal – Fitness & exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.. so when I remember I like to keep track of what i’m eating and what I have burnt with the Myfitnesspal App, I have used it for ages and I do enjoy using it when I do but I just forget to often!

Yoga studio – This is honestly my favourite, I have been doing short sessions for ages and really enjoyed how much better and less tight I felt after each class. Today I went big for the 60 minute session thinking I may get board or not be able to do the whole thing but I did it! With no moaning as well, in fact I feel happier for doing it!

Fitbit – Once again another remember. When I remember to charge my Fitbit, haha, I love the Fitbit app the fact its in sync with my watch is great. being able to track my heart rate accurately is super helpful. The most interesting thing I would say is the sleeping tracker! Honestly love my Fitbit to pieces.

These are my 4 favourite self care apps what are yours?