Nars Matte Multiple Review

I bought this from my local Space NK and it’s always like a treasure trove when I go in there all the expensive makeup I could probably stay in there all day playing with things!

The matte multiple that I am currently using and using up for my project pan in Exumas.

You can purchase this here NARS Matte Multiple – Exumas 7.5g/0.26oz

Packaging & application- I love being able to draw my makeup on my face it’s so convenient in a twist up stick packaging, it is plastic and looks great for a couple of days but its been in my makeup bag for a while now and it looks pretty rough. All I do is draw a line on both cheeks and blend with my beauty blender and it takes seconds!

Durability- I feel like at the end of the day I am looking rather pasty again, I don’t think it lasts longer than 6 hours but this may last longer if it was set with some sort of powder but I don’t…

Finish- The reason why I don’t set this with powder is cause I like the finish of the cream product it’s matte but your skin still glows through which looks lovely and natural.

Consistency- This is a thick cream stick products that doesn’t feel oil & definitely not drying on my skin, glides on smoothly and blend wonderfully.

I will definitely be repurchasing these I love them so much! I want them in all the different colours!

Bedhead by TIGI recharge antioxidant shine shampoo and conditioner

BED HEAD by TIGI Recharge Tween Duo Anti-Oxidant Shine Shampoo and Conditioner – 750 ml , Pack of 2

Description- for those that want supercharged shine. This antioxidant rich shampoo removes pollutants, sweat & build up to reveal super reflective shine. The conditioner loaded with anti oxidants & vitamins gives you dazzling results. Maintains healthy hair & helps protect against uv & thermal damage

My thoughts- I love this shampoo & can’t wait to try a different version of it. My hair is curly/wavy has been coloured and bleached quite a bit so can look quite damaged if I don’t look after it.

I have been using these since NYE 17 so a couple of months and oh my god my hair has never felt softer. I can’t really claim it removes pollutants as I don’t know if the shampoo actually does that but it most definitely removes build up and sweat. My hair feels super clean once I’ve lathered and rinsed. I found I didn’t need a lot to get a decent lather which is a positive in my book! My hair didn’t feel knotty after shampooing which happens to me quite a bit. My only negative is that my hair colour faded quickly compared to what I’m used to but I am using a new hair colour too, Pravana Vivids violet, so I don’t know if it’s just this colour that doesn’t last as long as I’m used too but it’s no biggy.

The conditioner, I love this too, my hair hasn’t felt so soft in ages. After years of bleach and heat damage I decided to give my hair a break this year eg no heat challenges & wearing protective styles and this has helped massively. My hair doesn’t need anything to untangle or smooth or smooth after this, it makes my hair very shines compared to how it was & smells lovely!

Overall I love this shampoo and conditioner set & cant wait to try and experiment with their other products

You can purchase this here BED HEAD by TIGI Recharge Tween Duo Anti-Oxidant Shine Shampoo and Conditioner – 750 ml , Pack of 2

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops ‘Beam Me Up’

You can purchase this here on amazon Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops, Liquid Fortune

Barry M Beam Me Up is a light gold based highlight which gives an intense glow! I purchased this at my local Superdrug.

Packaging- Once again with the dropper bottles. I love these it makes it easier to get the right amount aka not to much! It’s smooth, sleek and feels heavy & good quality.
Coverage – This highlight is intense! I used 1 and a half drops mixed with my foundations & my whole face glows. If I used more than this I feel like it may be to much for me. This is great cause it means you don’t have to use much product which means the bottle will last longer!

Finish – ‘Beam me up’ has a gorgeous shine which glows so bright whenever lights hit it, whilst this is mixed with my foundation it gives me a wonderful natural glow & which other people have mentioned and I feel like my skin has never looked so bright!

Consistency – This is very liquidy and a little siliconey which means it’s a dream to blend, I mean I honestly think my foundation blends better with it. This highlight helps my routine keep short and sweet without have to blend for ages!

Longevity – Even mixed with my foundation this glow lasts all day on my face I haven’t noticed any patches or movement in my makeup since wearing this. It doesn’t seem to noticeably settle in to pores either.

Overall I would repurchase this again, maybe next time a different colour. I really love this & use it every time I wear foundation. I definitely recommend this if you love it when your skin glows!

Miss sporty studio lash instant volume- Black

You can purchase this here
Miss Sporty Studio Lash Instant Volume Mascara Black 1

This mascara! I bought it in super drug but this is a repurchase I used to wear this all the time in college & I loved it then. It gives me a full lash I sometimes don’t even wear liner cause I love the way it makes my lashes look. Though you do have to beware of clumping but after brushing through then they look clump free and full & it does sometimes help to wipe some product off the applicator.

The packaging is bright pink with silver writing which is eye catching to me. The brush is one of the harder ones with loads of bristles which helps it go on clump free. It says on the tube smudge & smear proof which is somewhat true but it does take a while to dry. So try not to sneeze!

I will repurchase! Yes i would recommend if you were looking for a cheap decent mascara!

Keto Chocolate Almond Butter Cups (non low carb recipe available)

Mine ended up a funny shape cause I squeezed them on to a plate that was a little bit too small. Also I’m very messy as you can see!! They still taste the same though!

Quantity 10-12


100g chocolate unsweetened (or any chocolate if your not worrying about carbs)

2tbsp coconut oil

2tbsp butter

100g almond butter ( I picked almond butter cause it was slightly lower carb but you can use whatever nut butter you wish)

4tsp swerve

1 pinch of salt


Melt the chocolate , butter & coconut oil together

Mix the almond butter with the swerve & salt

Pour half the chocolate mixture in to the bottom of the cupcake cases

Spoon full of almond butter mix on top

The another layer of chocolate over the top so that it covers the almond butter

To set leave in the fridge for 30 mins? It didn’t take too long to set.

Eat now or put in the fridge to eat later!

Obviously the nutritional content will vary with what chocolate or nut butter you use!

6 Tips I use to keep Tidy and Organised

Here are 6 tips I use to stay tidy and organised, sometimes I find it a bit of a struggle but these generally make my head feel a little clearer and make me feel ready to take on more!

  1. Spending 15 minutes in the morning to clear rubbish, put clothes away and generally tidy my room and space.
  2. One day a week I will fully clean my room. This is when I do all the actual cleaning like hoovering, dusting and polishing. I also clear out one section of my room by emptying it and putting it back again throwing away any rubbish or junk I don’t use.
  3. Throwing away holey clothes! So many socks and tops I manage to get holes in. Instead of putting them back in the wash and forgetting there’s a hole either fix it there and then or throw the item away if it’s not worth it!
  4. Cleaning digital clutter. Clearing reminders that have been complete, sorting your settings so that unwanted apps don’t notify you & clearing your notifications! This means deep cleaning your emails and messages, I’ve put my emails in folders so it’s easier for me to mange! I need to do this minimum once every 2 days to keep on top of it.
  5. Clearing my bag as soon as it becomes unmanageable. I am one of those people that shoves everything in my bag. At one point I think I had three books, two empty pencil cases and a load of other junk. I have put all the necessary junk into the pencil cases so they are sorted and tidy, and made use of the pockets in my bag. Filing receipts and bits of paper left in there will make a dramatic difference if your bag was as bad as mine 😬
  6. Command strips, oh my god I love these only bought them recently from the range. I have stuck some file/ magazine holders to the sides of my desk for extra storage for notebooks, so I have managed to free up two drawers in my storage so I can organise everything easier!These are the ones I used – Command Medium and Large Picture Hanging Strips Value Pack, 4 pairs medium, 8 pairs large

These are a few of my tips that I use regularly to stay organise and tidy! What are yours?

Why we should drink more water…

This is more a note to self to keep drinking water & the benefits of drinking water.

  • Increases energy & relieves fatigue
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Flushes our toxins
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Maintains regularity
  • Boosts immune system
  • Natural headache remedy
  • Prevents cramps & sprains
  • Puts you in a good mood
  • Saves money
  • Makes sure your fluid balance is right
  • Helps control calories
  • Muscle fuel
  • Kidney function
  • Productivity boost
  • Hangover helper
  • Makes your eyes more bright
  • Helps prevent glaucoma
  • Thins the blood to prevent blood clots
  • Helps reduce addictive impulses!

Need to remember to keep my water bottle filled up and drink plenty!

7 more inspirational quotes I love…

‘Life is a party, dress like it’ Audrey Hepburn

‘No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else’ PT Barnum

‘You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head… but I’ll tell you a secret… all the best people are’ Alice in wonderland

‘Impossible is just an opinion’ Paulo Coelho

‘Worrying means you suffer twice’ Newt Scamander

‘Being happy in the moment, that’s enough each moment is all we need not more’ Mother Teresa

‘Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do’ Oprah Winfrey

7 inspirational quotes I love

  1. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step’ Martin Luther King
  2. ‘Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will’ Suzy Kassem
  3. ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’ Nelson Mandela
  4. ‘If you have good thoughts they will shine out your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’ Roald Dahl
  5. ‘Never give up on something you can go a day with out thinking about’ Winston Churchill
  6. ‘A true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’ Albert Einstein
  7. ‘When life throw you a rainy day play in the puddles’ Pooh bear

These quotes are just something that I feel help me through times when they get a little tough! Just a reminder to have happy thoughts & not give up!

First sewing project

So I decided to make a skirt I bought some fabric of Ebay and started sewing and here is what I have so far…

Sorry about the dirty mirror!!

I had to re do the seam twice and the zipper I have sewn in isn’t perfect but overall I’m very proud of what I have created!

I think the fabric is cool and a bit different and I enjoy wearing it the only thing I really need to finish is a popper for the waist band, as the zipper only goes to the bottom of the waist band and it will need some sort of button to finish it off but overall it’s done!!

Yay! First sewing project 👍

Pulled chicken lettuce tacos (paleo)

Hi everyone this is the recipe for the pulled chicken tacos I made yesterday!

For the wrap we used big lettuce leaves

We fried up two chicken breast with oil & spices ( honey, chilli powder, basil & garlic) tomatoes and red onions. Once the chicken was cooked I shredded it up!

We made a guacamole by smashing a avocado, a bit of onion, garlic & chilli

Lay out a few leaves of lettuce & and split the chicken in half on to our plates with a large dollop of guac so we can make our own!

I love tacos and I miss the crunch but these were yummy & the other half like them too so overall a success!!

Rimmel Kate Eyeshadow sticks

My go to makeup is usually something that is quick, looks pretty and lasts long. I find these eyeshadow sticks do all three for me! I do use a eyeshadow primer though but these last all day. I love the fact they are pencils so they’re easy to use and so convenient and small so they don’t take up room in your bag!
I recommend these eyeshadow sticks for people who like pretty colours and not spending to much time on their makeup!

You can buy them here- Rimmel Scandaleyes – Waterproof Eye Shadow Stick