5 Things I Do To Get Motivated // Facts Friday

I am currently struggling to do what I need to do & when I need to do it..

blur cellphone close up contemporary
Photo by KristopherK on Pexels.com

I have been researching how to gain motivation many hours on google and youtube later. I think i’ve found out why i’m not doing the things I so desperately need to do, I simply don’t want to. This is a mind set that I need to change and need to change now because it is starting to make my life a little more complicated than it should. I feel anxious going back and doing tasks I should have completed a long time ago, its most likely a guilty conscience. As these things I need to do are not difficult they are every day things that I just don’t want to do but everyone else manages to do them.

  • Set a Goal – The first thing I need to set is a goal… I have so many goals that I am try to reach so I am actually going to set two, write and post everyday for 30 days & to exercise everyday this week. These are just small goals that are achievable, not too scary and its not to much.
  • Track it – I like to be able to see how long i’ve been doing something for it makes me feel a little more achieved. I have been using a gridded notebook to create a tracker and I love filling it in each day. If your paperless create a spreadsheet and enter your info daily, share it with you phone if thats easier.
  • Find Inspiration – I like Pinterest & have thought about finding some things to put on my wall but I haven’t done that yet. I do though have many Pinterest boards full up with tonnes of stuff I want, where I would like to go & dream homes.. Pinterest basically has a ridiculous amount of ideas on there and some pretty useful stuff.
  • Ted Talks – I have currently become obsessed by ted talks on youtube lately, there are so many different ones depending on what you’re looking for, Im currently listening to Dr Shimi Kang, What one skill = an awesome life? and she is an excellent speaker. Give them a chance some may help.
  •  Commit – Stick to what ever you set your goal, I know it can be hard and some days you may not feel like it but you can do it remember you set that goal because it was achievable. You believed you could do it at the start so believe now!

Right well i’m going to go and get started on planning the next 29 days of posts.. These tips work for me, for some it may take a little more, figure out what you need to do and write your self a little plan! I love a good plan, anyway thank you for reading I hope your having a wonderful day!

3 Cheap & Easy DIY Gifts

Easy knitted scarf

Pattern I used was knit,purl I had cast on I think 20 stitches and used two balls of wool from wool and the gang!

To see what it turned out like click the link!


Easy beaded flower bracelet

This bracelet is so cute and really easy to make, wary my video linked below to see how easy it is to make!


Super easy Bow hair clips

These are so cute and so cheap to make. There are lots of ways to make these and they are all on YouTube, here is how I made mine..


‘Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser’ short review before work

This is my favourite base right now & I will tell you why!

Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser

  • Light coverage perfect to hide skin unevenness
  • Looks natural
  • Comes out the tube quite thick
  • Easy to use packaging
  • Has 30spf

My thoughts

  • When used with obsession baking primer my skins glow is unreal
  • Skin feels hydrated all day
  • Doesn’t look unnaturally glowy, matte in all the right places
  • Doesn’t settle in my pores
  • Sits right with my combination skin
  • Still need concealer under eyes though

Would I buy this again yes!!

I want to start a Youtube but I fell down the stairs & ripped my leggings

mokup smartphone technology phone
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

I want to create content for Youtube, I have loads of ideas floating round my head but every time I go create something, something bad happens to me.. As mad as it may sound  I had written myself a plan I was finally feeling confident about things and then I fell down the stairs, landed on two hangers, ripped my leggings and had a massive breakdown.

Being able to control how I feel would be a massive benefit in this situation. Maybe putting forward some of that passion I feel when i’m sad or angry about something and using it for productive things. I am not able to do that yet.. I go on full shut down. I am going to try to stop that, which is why I have written this post instead of shutting down…!

I have uploaded a rather boring video of me speaking about me finishing projects & a scarf it took me a while to knit, 2 years to be precise.. Plus me talking about finishing projects then here I am crying about not finishing one cause bad stuff always happens haha!

Let me know who’s content you like watching on youtube down in the comments!

I like to watch Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas, Annika Victoria, David Dobrik and many more!

Do you prefer when someone puts out video content or Written content or both?!

My Current Music Playlist

Soooo Ive been listening to these same songs on shuffle for about half a year now, slowly adding things as I go…

Its a bit of a weird mix but here we go

  1. What I Wanna ~ Mostack
  2. Wavey (feat. Alika) ~ CLiQ
  3. Tip Toe ~ Jason Derulo
  4. Fit But you know it ~ The Streets
  5. What you know ~ Two door Cinema Club
  6. Are you gonna be my girl ~ Jet – Loveeee this song
  7. Never Been In Love ~ Talib Kweli
  8. Him & I ~ Geazy & Halsey
  9. Glorious ~ Macklemore
  10. Cant Hold us ~ Macklemore
  11. This Anthem ~ Dub Pistols
  12. Build me up Buttercup ~ The foundations
  13. Kiss with a fist ~ Florence + The machine
  14. P.I.M.P ~ 50 cent
  15. Candy Shop ~ 50 Cent
  16. Nevermind ~ David Lloyd
  17. Oh My ~ Dappy & Ay em
  18. Move your feet ~ Junior senior
  19. Friends ~ RAYE
  20. Smile ~ Lily Allen
  21. Foundations ~ Kate Nash
  22. Majesty ~ Niki Minaj
  23. Man Down ~ Shakka
  24. Body ~ Loud Luxury
  25. In Da Club ~ 50 cent


Time to create a new everyday playlist, although I love these songs a lot, I need change! Let me know your fave song at the moment, if you have time to leave a comment!

Thank you!

My Highlighter Collection with Swatches! Barry M, Nars & NYX

Heya, I just thought I would share a few thoughts on a couple of highlighters and some swatches so that you can see before you buy obviously its very hard to get exact colour matches with photos & i’m doing it with my phone so I will try my best to get the lighting right!

Lets get straight to it!

Barry M Liquid chromes I did a review on these a while ago..  I have 2 Precious Pearl & Beam Me Up. I really do enjoy using these plus the advantage of Barry M being cruelty free! I do find that they take a little bit of coverage off when used over makeup but I don’t mind as its such a pretty sheen left on your face! I have had mine a while and they have gone a bit thick but they do still work and blend out well! One of my favourite ways to use this is to mix it in with my sunscreen or moisturiser as a base!

NYX Strobe of genius illuminating palette, I really wanted this palette and was so excited when I got it! The bottom three big pans are really great and super shimmery and look beautiful its a Shame I managed to smash one of them! The smaller pans are a little more subtle, the yellow/gold shade being the least dramatic, though it works well as a eyeshadow as well and looks super pretty so i’m not complaining. Honestly think I just love anything shimmery its a lovely palette and has multi use properties!

Nars The Veil Cheek Palette, this was a  gift and I love itttt. The highlight in this palette is Surreal and it is a gorgeous highlight and I use this so much! It looks so nice you can literally use this as a blush if your into that, it looks so pretty even on my pale skin you can blend it out nicely.

That is actually it! I find it useful having multiple colours in a palette & I love all my products so much.

Let me know what your favourite highlight is!

Trying to be crafty again.. Turning my Knitted Cardigan in to a Dress

Soooo ive had this cardigan for ages and I haven’t really enjoyed wearing it so it often gets shoved in a draw.. seeing as its being getting a bit cooler were I am I decided to see if I could make it in to something that I would wear more often. I have also for ages wanted to sew a fleece type dress for winter and this was the closest thing I had without buying any more fabric.

I had 2 problems was that the cardi was lined partly with this fluffy material, so I had to separate the two before  could do anything with the material anyway. The second was that the cardigan was to short for the dress that I wanted! So I used the material I had from carefully picked off around the bottom of the dress to sew it on to the bottom so it was a tad longer & less revealing. Im pretty happy with the result I ended with it looks okay, there are only a few bits of stitching i’m unhappy with & I can always accessorize with a belt to make the dress look more fitted.

It was a really fun project to turn what I had in to something new & more appealing! its made me think about all the stuff I could do with the rest of my clothes (obviously not all of them but I do get carried away..). I think my next project will be turning some leggings & a top in to a jumpsuit.

I tried to film it with a voice over and its not really worked out but I posted it anyway here

How I made my polkadot kimono

What I used:

  • Polka dot ciffon style material L150cmXH120cm (I 150×150 just to make it longer, I am size 8 to 10 UK)
  • Thread matching the material
  • a needle & thread/ sewing machine ( I used a sewing machine but you the only time consuming bit would be the hemming If you did this by hand, so you could always try a fabric that you dont need to hem)
  • Scissors
  • A measuring tape

Just a note to start off with my fabric didn’t have a right side or wrong side, so always be aware when your sewing your piece together, that you will want the stitching in the inside( wrong side ) of the fabric, so it’s not visable when your wearing it!

Very easy to follow videos & picture guides on YouTube and Pinterest! I tried my best to explain but sometimes it’s easiest to watch!

  1. I started off with a piece of material 150cmx120cm and folded that in half , so that the fold is furthest away from you and pinned to keep in place.
  2. I folded the fabric in half again so that left side met with the right and measured a box to cut out of the corner with the loose ends. I riskily didn’t actually measure this and winged it, definitely leaving more room so that the sleeves were bigger rather than smaller.
  3. Then when you unfold the fabric once & take the fabric to the machine to sew up the sides so that the sleeve and sides were in tact.  It was pretty easy just remember to take your time its 90 degree angle on each side so its not too much.
  4. This was a bit I wanted to measure.. The half way line so that we had a opening to get in to the kimono.. So measuring half way across your fabric cut right  up to the fold.
  5. So its starting to look like a kimono now and for some you may be done if you don’t need to hem!  I did so I hemmed all the sleeves and bottom of the kimono and I was done!

Though its not perfect i’m pretty happy with how this turned out, yes the stitching goes a bit funny on the back of the neck.. but my hair hides that. the rest of it looks really neat and I dont think I have ever sewn that straight before in my life soooo chuffed!

God knows where ill wear it but it was fun making it & pretty quick.

7 more inspirational quotes I love ~ 3

‘ You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down ‘  Toni Morrison

‘ The most effective way to do it is to do it ‘ Amelia Earhart

‘ Failure is success in progress ‘ Albert Einstien

‘ What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, What if you fly? ‘ Erin Hanson

‘ Do something today that your future self will thank you for ‘

‘ Dont look back, your not going that way ‘

‘ When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars ‘


I haven’t felt so positive lately and have been lacking in putting effort in to what I want from life. These blog posts “inspirational quotes” remind me that we are all moving forward, some are a little further than others. The quotes I search through and write are ones that help lift my spirits a little and help keep my working for what I want.

Do you have a favourite quote?

20 things to fill spare time!


  1. Write lists
  2. Exercise
  3. Yoga
  4. Pick a subject or topic and learn!
  5. Walk outside
  6. Look at new apps to download
  7. Play a game
  8. Play with your pets
  9. Check out local charity shops
  10. Start a blog or a YouTube channel
  11. Plan a weeks outfits like My wardrobe
  12. Make something… anything!
  13. Create a upbeat playlist
  14. Clear out your closet & upload some of your clothes online to be sold!
  15. Clear out your bedroom from top to bottom
  16. Help a relative or friend with their errands
  17. Get creative; knit, sew, paint , draw, diy. the list goes on
  18. Buy birthday presents way ahead of time But don’t forget you have them!
  19. Create a meal plan
  20. Write a detailed budget

Hmmmmm, its easy to get carried away when you have lots of spare time and if your not motivated you could end up doing nothing with it! These are just a few of my ideas for me to look back on when I find myself doing nothing, some of these are productive others not so much!

20 Personal Goals List ~

  1. Lose 20lbs

  2. Wear retainer everyday

  3. Get a job!

  4. Drink 2L of water every day

  5. Use a hair mask weekly

  6. Keep your nails painted not half off half on..

  7. Learn French, practise twice weekly

  8. Read part of a book daily

  9. Write everyday

  10. Meal prep at least one meal for the week

  11. Video something at least 5 x a week

  12. No fast food!!

  13. Cardio minimum 20 mins a day

  14. Text and message people back straight away!

  15. Take more chances..

  16. Do splits stretches daily!

  17. Keep a planner, that’s up to date!!!

  18. Remember to write gratitude

  19. Make a habit tracker for September & keep it up to date!

  20. Try to be more thoughtful and kind.


Another list of 20 obviously…  Just have to actually remember these!

Ebay Update

So not everything always goes as planned… I sold 3 items 1 which is still awaiting payment. I need to chase that up! I sold;

New balance trainers- 20.06

Sunglasses- 2.16

Boo hoo jacket- awaiting payment

So it’s time to repost everything do more detailed description and thinking about my pricing. Let’s see if there is any improvement s next week!

Week one eBay profit – £ 17.56 (after p&p fees)

Making some pocket money on eBay

I had a day off on Friday and I thought I better make the most of it, so I grabbed the shoes I cleared out the other day and started taking photos for my eBay listings.

I had listed a pair of New Balance trainers earlier in the week for it to finish on Sunday morning, I listed them for a couple of quid as they were used. I watched them climb up in price, and on the day they sold for £16.97 +£4 shipping. So from that it made me think that this was a good way to start my earning journey, it would be nice to start with a clean slate and a bit of extra cash in the pot!

The rest of my listings end on Friday which isn’t ideal as weekend days are usually the best day to end auctions on but it’s okay let’s see how this goes then I’ve got my clothes I need to upload! eBay or selling online is a good way to boost your balance if you have stuff you don’t need/use anymore.

I really enjoyed clearing out my stuff and being able to organise what I want to keep instead of not having enough room and having to chuck everything in a box to hide.. Selling on eBay is very rewarding and I can’t help but feel a bit of a lift when I make a sale! I know quite a few people that have made quite a lot of money through selling online so why not give it a go if you haven’t yet?!

I’ll update you here on Friday with any further sales & updates on selling online!

04/06/18 Total – £16.16

I have a blog problem..(explanation)

I keep creating new places for me to create content and express myself.. when you have too many this can become sooo overwhelming.. its not like I was constant on any of them including this blog.

I would spend so much time thinking about all the different blogs and never keep track &  I wasn’t actually making any content. Time to change me thinks!

So I basically write for myself but I obviously love when others read and enjoy it. Typing, writing & organising helps me feel sane and brings me back down to earth giving me that extra feeling of accomplishment once i’ve published a post.

Putting all my content and thoughts in different places has cause a little bit of mayhem in my mind and I am not ready for it yet haha! So I have split my blog in to categories which are listed along the top of my blog for easy access. I understand that some people may not be interested in everything that I post, which is why its been split up!

When I do post i’ll only be posting on here & I am going to try to dramatically reduce the amount of time I spend on Tumblr & Pinterest and try to focus on this, maybe even include it in my posts, eg top 5 pins this week so i’m being productive at the same time..

I am in the process of bring my old blog posts from other blogs on to this one so I am sorry if it fills your feed with my old posts but I really want to transfer them over, some have been scheduled so they aren’t all at once, so you may notice they have old dates.

Thank you for reading my explanation, I hope your all having a positive day!

20 Creative Projects I need to Start/Complete (sewing, knitting & many more…)

  1. Sew BF’s t shirt in elephant fabric

  2. Finish knitted head band

  3. Finished knitted blanket

  4. Finish skirt made from black white & neon fabric

  5. 1in wide elastic headbands with flowers- 2/9/18

  6. Diy dress to skirt

  7. Bracelets little beads & elastic

  8. Decorate wall next to bed

  9. Cover / paint desk

  10. Sew a hoodie from scratch

  11. Sew a crop top

  12. Make scrunchies

  13. Decorate my room!!

  14. Try to write a book

  15. Create video compilation of something!

  16. Make Mum & Dad a homemade present

  17. Start a 30 day draw something each day challenge

  18. Take a photo every day for 30 days

  19. Tidy up those crafting drawers make pouches and pockets to store things!

  20. Crop the t shirts I’ve wanted to for ages!

Ive been trying to write at least one list of 20 a day to get my brain working and to remember what I have started and need to finish!

NYX Butter Lipsticks

Colours- Gumdrop, Fireball & Sandcastle

You can purchase these here
NYX Butter Lipstick Fireball
NYX Butter Lipstick – Gumdrop

I love these lipsticks. I’m not normally a lipstick person but these caught my eye after I had tried a butter gloss. I love the colours these come in and I will definitely expand my collection. I do favour 2 out of the 3, it may be that pink is a little out of my comfort zone but I find myself using sandcastle & fire brick more. The packaging is smooth and sleek in my eyes, its eye-catching to so it will be easy to find in my handbag!

These lipsticks go on smoothly and last a long time without drying my lips out. I doubt they would last all day with out a top up though.

Overall I really like this product & I would recommend it to anyone.

The Best Self Care apps

Good Morning, I hope you are well this fine day! I am here to talk to you about my four favourite self care apps and why they are my favourite too!

Shall we start it off easy? Say with a bit of breathing..

Oak – Oak is a app that that helps you meditate and also can run through some breathing exercises with you as well. The meditation sessions vary from 10 – 30 minutes or you can go for unguided meditation for a time of your choice. I found these sessions ever so relaxing! The breathing exercises have helped me quite a few times. I often lose track of my breathing and if I have my phone handy I can do a short session which helps bring my heart rate down and keep me calm!

My Fitness pal – Fitness & exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.. so when I remember I like to keep track of what i’m eating and what I have burnt with the Myfitnesspal App, I have used it for ages and I do enjoy using it when I do but I just forget to often!

Yoga studio – This is honestly my favourite, I have been doing short sessions for ages and really enjoyed how much better and less tight I felt after each class. Today I went big for the 60 minute session thinking I may get board or not be able to do the whole thing but I did it! With no moaning as well, in fact I feel happier for doing it!

Fitbit – Once again another remember. When I remember to charge my Fitbit, haha, I love the Fitbit app the fact its in sync with my watch is great. being able to track my heart rate accurately is super helpful. The most interesting thing I would say is the sleeping tracker! Honestly love my Fitbit to pieces.

These are my 4 favourite self care apps what are yours? 

What’s in My Makeup Bag?

Hello everyone, I hope you are having lovely weather, wherever you are! On this lovely day I have decided to type out what i’m carrying about in my makeup bag at the moment!


Revolution Pro Full Coverage Camouflage Concealer  – still not so sure about this product.

MUA Peach Concealer –  Looks great a first but the coverage disappears but this is a cheap product!

Revolution Setting Powder –  I dont like wearing powers in general, this one is okay and it manages to set the concealer but still would prefer not to use one!

Nars Mini Orgasm Blusher – love this blusher for a light glow so sparkly and pretty its great.

Benefit Mini Hula Bronzer –  Pretty standard, I find this a tad to dark for me… it doesn’t stop me from using it though!


L’oreal taupe Eyeliner – I actually really like these eyeliners and they do last a long time!

Benefit Roller lash Mascara – Greatttt mascara makes me look more awake

Revolution pro Eyebrow Pencil – Super handy & great to use!


Benefits Go Go Tint – oh my god I love this tint for lips or cheeks its literally the perfect in between colour. I think I will but the full size of this!

My Summer Skincare Tips

Here are a few things that are important to remember this summer for your skins sake!

    1. Wear sunscreen. We want to prevent any early ageing don’t we? Please don’t forget how damaging the sun is to your skin put on a decent sunscreen before you go outside!
    2. Moisturise! When the weather changes from cold to warm or warm to cold it can take a toll on your in. Its key to keep you skin nice, soft & hydrated with a summery smelling moisturiser.
    3. Get a facial mist! I have the Vitamin E Hydrating mist from Superdrug. I love it so much it keeps me cool & hydrates my skin plus it doesn’t seem to upset my makeup to much even though it contains oil. There are so many different types out there here are a few links.

  1. Dont forget to wash your face at night. Its hot and we are all sweaty, no doubt we will be sweating twice as much as usual so may be prone to more spots. So don’t forget to take off your makeup at night.
  2. Dont forget your lips! Not only do we need SPF on our skin we need it on our lips too, think how horrible it will be if you got burnt lips!
  3. Wear a hat. Scalps are super sensitive and if your planning on being out all day it would be wise to wear a hat of some sort. Just like lips having a burnt scalp isn’t pleasant.

Starting Summer Diet now…

So now that I have realised its been 5 days since I posted that I have decided to actually start… bit awkward I have no excuses apart from I’ve been out with family and basically having my last binge before my diet, Its not meant to work like that but oh well. Ive decided I won’t update this blog daily with what I ate as I feel it may be a bit to much for me!

Day One

This morning I have a lovely breakfast of mashed banana, strawberries and chia seeds.

Its halfway through the day now and I still don’t feel that hungry but to be fair I haven’t actually done that much, so probably not burned that much.  I am off to do a yoga class on the yoga studio app to wake myself up and try to make myself more productive!

Lunch time finally came at 15:00, I had toast with peanut butter on. Really have a thing for peanut butter ill eat it on anything. Not the healthiest but its filling and yummy.

Dinner tonight! Edamame beans, aranchni balls we found in Sainsbury’s! We love Edamame beans so I have a feeling they may feature a lot in my food diary.

Budget Concealer Reviews


I recently have tried to find a new concealer up to my standards that is budget…

What I purchased was…

~Revolution Pro Full Cover Camouflage Concealer

~MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal in Peach

-MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal in Yellow

Sorry they’re a bit dirty 😂[[[[
In my picture below I am used the MUA Peach under my eyes, under a layer of Revolution Pro FCCC. I set these concealers with the Revolution Pro Pressed Finishing Powder.


Overall I am pretty impressed with the way my skin looks after application, I did notice that the Revolution Pro FCCC was a tad sticky on my fingers and I could kind of feel it on my face as well. The peach toned MUA concealer really helps in counteracting my dark circles & the RP FCCC was full coverage enough to hide my spots and scars on my chin and brightened up my under eye area as well.


I didn’t find that the concealers finished matte which can sometimes be good, as some dry way to fast, though I have the opposite problem, mine didn’t seem to completely set. Please bear in mind it has been very hot lately and I am a sweaty person so it could have actually been too hot when I was applying my makeup but I don’t tend to have that problem with other concealers.


I will take a photo at the end of the day and you can make up for yourself how you think this concealer has lasted. I am not going to do any top ups of anything because I wouldn’t normally! After yoga still a bit sweaty the coverage has worn slightly but overall it’s still there! Creasing under my eyes makes me feel a little self conscious but I’ve learnt to ignore it and it does stop over time.. I don’t think it looks too bad at the end of the day apart from the coverage, my skin looks quite glowy. It’s been really hot today though..


I really enjoy the coverage of these concealers but I didn’t like how the actually felt on my face. I think it looked good from far away & about arms distance but I really wasn’t 100% on what I looked like close up! I don’t think I will re purchase but I will use these up before I purchase another.

10 Date Nights when you’re on a No Spend

You don’t have to spend money every date night! Here are a few ideas some a bit more fun than others!

  1. Romantic walk somewhere new. The nights are long and light at the moment.,make the most of it. Going out and walking is relaxing, good for you and a nice time to bond with each other, not to mention that you’ll be getting fresh air and its definitely better than watching TV! You get extra points for going somewhere new, being able to decided together and experiencing a new place together is always fun.
  2. Feed the ducks. I used to love feeding the ducks so much when I was younger.. and I still do! Grab your partner and some duck friendly snacks and head to a duck pond, if you don’t have any duck friendly snacks, its nice just to go and sit by the pond, water noises & wildlife can be very relaxing.
  3. Have a spa night. Give each other massages, put on face masks, pluck each others eyebrows! Give each other a full beauty treatment, everyone  loves a little bit of pampering.
  4. Board games! Don’t forget about board games, you don’t always have to stick to the rules just have fun with each other. Board games can pass hours whilst having fun a the same time.
  5. Baking. Cupcakes, pastry whatever you two have a craving for make it! Baking is an enjoyable and you can do it together plus you get to eat whatever you make after! Make what you can out of what you have in the cupboards!
  6. Plan a Holiday. Going on holiday is so exciting but can be overwhelming so date night could include you planning your next trip!
  7. Volunteer together. Giving back to the community is a great way to spend your time, if you can do it together thats even better!
  8. Bike ride. Similar to walking together, exercise + fresh air is going to do you good and put you in a good mood for when you get home.
  9. Browse a DIY store and think about what you want to change and upgrade. When I worked in a diy store you would see so many couples in the evening just browsing together & enjoying each other company!
  10. Rearrange and reorganise your life together. Write out a meal plan for the next week, each of you write a list of goals and try and help each other reach then, clear out your clothes, type out a savings tracker.. there are so many more!

Steaks & Sweet potato hash with kale

I found this recipe on this website


It’s great!

Sweet potato hash with kale

• 1 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and dice into small cubes

• 1 medium onion, finely diced

• 2 cups kale, finely chopped

• 3 tbsp butter, or cooking fat of choice

• 1 tbsp minced garlic

• 1/4 tsp ground sage

• 1/4 tsp smoked paprika

• 1/4 tsp rosemary

• 1 tsp coarse sea salt

We split this between two.

You basically fry it all together until cooked through we actually made a mash out of it in the end but the taste of this is great!

And two large steaks some people have eggs but we needed some meat and decided on steak!

I do recommend this recipes & this is what I had for dinner! Sorry there’s not pictures!

Summer Dieting – Take 1


Current weight – 10st

Good morning/ afternoon depending on whenever you are reading this, I hope you are well.

I have spent the past few weeks drinking alcohol and making bad food decisions, my body has starting feeling the bad side of it and its time to change!

My plan is to keep a relatively low carb, high protein/ fat diet, lets get this straight now i’m not talking strict restrictions.. I didn’t cope well with that! Mainly the aim is to stay under 100g of carbs and to get as much fresh produce instead of processed rubbish, I will be keeping track of this on the Myfitnesspal app.

I will take as many photos as I can of my meals so I can share them with you, if not I will upload the stats from MFP so I have something to show!

Another thing to work on is exercise, I mean I start it, do it for about 3 weeks on a strict schedule then stop completely. I do feel a massive benefit when I do exercise and I don’t know why I stop or why I find it so hard to get back in to! Im going to say let stick with getting the diet down for a bit then work on increasing the exercise I get a week!

Thank you for reading, follow me if your interested in if I make any progress with this!



DIY Natural Lip balm/ Highlight

Here are the links to the products so you can make this too!
Shea butter 1kg – Certified Organic, Unrefined, Raw, Natural – 100% Pure
LiveMoor 200g Yellow Beeswax Pellets-100% Pure and Natural
Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Ah cool, so I got a bit carried away on amazon & eBay one day and decided I wanted to make my own coloured lip balms so I bought Mica powder(I used rose gold), Shea butter, Beeswax & I already had coconut oil at home.

I used a small microwavable container that I didn’t need anymore and popped the beeswax in there to melt down once that had melted added the shea butter and coconut oil!  Once this has all melted and been mixed together I added a little mica powder in the colour of choice ( I found out the hard way that thick glittery ones don’t come out so great) and mixed into a pot with a cocktail stick. Once I was happy it was thoroughly mixed I popped it in the fridge to set, it sets pretty quickly but to be sure I left mine in for over a hour… Yay all done, now I have homemade natural lip balm!

No I don’t have actual measurements, I kinda just guessed it which isn’t the way to do it online there is a special formulation that i’m sure you can find and make it properly but I am happy with what I made and the colour is amazing!

My rough guide to what I did was kind of do it in 1/4 haha so very helpful!

Rimmel wake me up concealer review

So I usually use Bourjois radiance reveal concealer but found this and I used to love it at my old job so thought I would try it again today.

The packaging is fine I prefer concealers with a spongey brush thing for ease of application so this is great for that, the orange lid is eye catching so I don’t lose it in my bag.

The concealer in its self, doesn’t have that much coverage, it’s fine when I’ve applied foundation and just need to brighten that extra bit under my eyes but as I only wear concealer to work now, I don’t feel like my dark circles and hidden all that well! The light reflecting particles do there job and I can see a difference when I apply it but it’s not dramatic enough for me!

This concealer will probably work for someone that doesn’t have as dark under eye circles as me, and someone that doesn’t need as much coverage over all!

I do prefer my Bourjois concealer over this though cause I like the finish better so I doubt I will re purchase this. I’m glad I found it though as I do need to work through my makeup collection for things that don’t work for me

you can purchase this here-Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Effect and Radiant Glow Concealer, Light , 7 ml

NYX Total Control foundation review

I purchased this at my local boots store which always has great customer service and a great range of products! Here are my thoughts NYX Total Control foundation!

You can purchase this on amazon here-NYX Total Control Drop Foundation – TCDF vanilla sell by glitz

Packaging- NYX Total Control foundation comes in a glass dropper bottle which looks smart and feels good quality.

Coverage- The coverage is light but can be built up, it’s very easy to layer up but I feel like it’s best not to go past medium coverage or it may cake if there is any dry skin. I still need concealer with this foundation which is fine!

Finish- The finish of Total Control is matte but I apply mine with a damp beauty blender which gives me more of a glowy natural finish.

Consistency- This foundation is very liquidy! Almost like water which gives a light feeling on my face.

Longevity- For me it lasts all day. I don’t have a very active job though so it lasts a 9 hour shift but if I was lifting and moving stock, I am sure I would be very shiny half way through the day, though I don’t set my foundation with powder so if I get a bit sweaty that’s bound to happen anyway!

Overall I may purchase this product again but there are so many foundations out there to try before I repurchase this!