Self care Thursday – Homemade body scrub

bowl being poured with yellow liquid
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Hey everyone I hope your doing well.

This week the cold weather has got a bit worse, lack of work has me down and my body needed a little pick me up to get to the end of the week.

I ran myself a bath and got the body scrub I had prepared earlier, the simple mix of sugar and olive oil. I applied this all over my body before getting in the bath and scrubbed a little, my legs were the worst bit so I focused mainly on that area. Once all scrubbed up I got in to the hot/warm bath and it feels so good feeling the sugar dissolve away and leaving your skin silky smooth.

This is such a basic thing and it made my skin feel so good and I often forget about the basics, that you can make yourself for half the price of what you buy ready made in the shops. Also its really satisfying using something that you created yourself, that may be my favourite bit.  Its definitely made me think about other luxuries that I can make at home and hopefully I will remember some of the good old classics or come up with my own ideas.

The olive oil scrub is cheap, luxurious and simple to use, though it can get a bit messy so apply it where its easy to clean. Im sure many of you have used this or something similar before, I love DIY beauty, its just really nice that you can make something at home to make you feel better.

I am 100% going to keep on searching for new DIY Beauty ideas!

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