Things that have helped me stay inspired

Ive been struggling to find my focus in life, I am so stuck I have no idea. For me to find this, I need to be inspired to actually go out and try different things, so I have been trying to add things to my routine to help motivate me, these are a few things that help inspire me.

Being neat and tidy

Keeping my room neat and putting things away has helped massively, not tripping over clothes and not having things fall off desks has helped me keep my sanity. I find when my space is cluttered my mind is not so stable so i’ve been making a conscious effort to put things back, which may be strange to you if your not naturally lazy like me but its actually be quite difficult to remember sometimes I mean like waking up and finding clothes on the floor not even remembering when I put them there. The main point is when I notice clutter I do actually do something about it now, rather than leave it until its really bad and waste my time stressing over it.

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Goals are still one that i’m struggling with. Im great at setting them but not so great at the work you have to put in to reach them. I am struggling to find the passion in me to want to reach for these. I should just pick one and really work on it but I still find myself picking about 10 and trying to do them all at once. These goals are inspiring me to actually do sometime with my time instead of wasting it though and give me something to reach for.

Bullet Journals

Oh my gosh have you been on Pinterest and search bullet journals, there are a tonne of different posts and they are all amazing, I have tried to keep a bullet journal this yeah and have noticed that my habit trackers stopped getting completed half way through the year. Mainly cause I as tracking things that I either didn’t need to or didn’t actually do so it would end up depressing looking at it. I am going to create a habit tracker for Dec and try and do my best to fill it out all month!

Pinterest pins

I have way to much love for Pinterest its probably my favourite app to waste time on. Even from flicking through my home page, I can normally find about 10 inspirational or motivational posts, My favourite types at the moment are Yoga posts that say ‘ If this is you goal, Practise this’ So I find myself fitting in little bits on yoga throughout my day as I cant help but try these moves! Looking through Pinterest makes me want to try all the different pins and see if i’m any good at anything!

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