5 Things I Do To Get Motivated // Facts Friday

I am currently struggling to do what I need to do & when I need to do it..

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I have been researching how to gain motivation many hours on google and youtube later. I think i’ve found out why i’m not doing the things I so desperately need to do, I simply don’t want to. This is a mind set that I need to change and need to change now because it is starting to make my life a little more complicated than it should. I feel anxious going back and doing tasks I should have completed a long time ago, its most likely a guilty conscience. As these things I need to do are not difficult they are every day things that I just don’t want to do but everyone else manages to do them.

  • Set a Goal – The first thing I need to set is a goal… I have so many goals that I am try to reach so I am actually going to set two, write everyday for 30 days & to exercise everyday this week. These are just small goals that are achievable, not too scary and its not to much.
  • Track it – I like to be able to see how long i’ve been doing something for it makes me feel a little more achieved. I have been using a gridded notebook to create a tracker and I love filling it in each day. If your paperless create a spreadsheet and enter your info daily, share it with you phone if thats easier.
  • Find Inspiration – I like Pinterest & have thought about finding some things to put on my wall but I haven’t done that yet. I do though have many Pinterest boards full up with tonnes of stuff I want, where I would like to go & dream homes.. Pinterest basically has a ridiculous amount of ideas on there and some pretty useful stuff.
  • Ted Talks – I have currently become obsessed by ted talks on youtube lately, there are so many different ones depending on what you’re looking for, Im currently listening to Dr Shimi Kang, What one skill = an awesome life? and she is an excellent speaker. Give them a chance some may help.
  •  Commit – Stick to what ever you set your goal, I know it can be hard and some days you may not feel like it but you can do it remember you set that goal because it was achievable. You believed you could do it at the start so believe now!

Right well i’m going to go and get started on planning the next 29 days of writing.. These tips work for me, for some it may take a little more, figure out what you need to do and write your self a little plan! I love a good plan, anyway thank you for reading I hope your having a wonderful day!

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