I want to start a Youtube but I fell down the stairs & ripped my leggings

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Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

I want to create content for Youtube, I have loads of ideas floating round my head but every time I go create something, something bad happens to me.. As mad as it may sound  I had written myself a plan I was finally feeling confident about things and then I fell down the stairs, landed on two hangers, ripped my leggings and had a massive breakdown.

Being able to control how I feel would be a massive benefit in this situation. Maybe putting forward some of that passion I feel when i’m sad or angry about something and using it for productive things. I am not able to do that yet.. I go on full shut down. I am going to try to stop that, which is why I have written this post instead of shutting down…!

I have uploaded a rather boring video of me speaking about me finishing projects & a scarf it took me a while to knit, 2 years to be precise.. Plus me talking about finishing projects then here I am crying about not finishing one cause bad stuff always happens haha!

Let me know who’s content you like watching on youtube down in the comments!

I like to watch Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas, Annika Victoria, David Dobrik and many more!

Do you prefer when someone puts out video content or Written content or both?!

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