My Highlighter Collection with Swatches! Barry M, Nars & NYX

Heya, I just thought I would share a few thoughts on a couple of highlighters and some swatches so that you can see before you buy obviously its very hard to get exact colour matches with photos & i’m doing it with my phone so I will try my best to get the lighting right!

Lets get straight to it!

Barry M Liquid chromes I did a review on these a while ago..  I have 2 Precious Pearl & Beam Me Up. I really do enjoy using these plus the advantage of Barry M being cruelty free! I do find that they take a little bit of coverage off when used over makeup but I don’t mind as its such a pretty sheen left on your face! I have had mine a while and they have gone a bit thick but they do still work and blend out well! One of my favourite ways to use this is to mix it in with my sunscreen or moisturiser as a base!

NYX Strobe of genius illuminating palette, I really wanted this palette and was so excited when I got it! The bottom three big pans are really great and super shimmery and look beautiful its a Shame I managed to smash one of them! The smaller pans are a little more subtle, the yellow/gold shade being the least dramatic, though it works well as a eyeshadow as well and looks super pretty so i’m not complaining. Honestly think I just love anything shimmery its a lovely palette and has multi use properties!

Nars The Veil Cheek Palette, this was a  gift and I love itttt. The highlight in this palette is Surreal and it is a gorgeous highlight and I use this so much! It looks so nice you can literally use this as a blush if your into that, it looks so pretty even on my pale skin you can blend it out nicely.

That is actually it! I find it useful having multiple colours in a palette & I love all my products so much.

Let me know what your favourite highlight is!

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