Trying to be crafty again.. Turning my Knitted Cardigan in to a Dress

Soooo ive had this cardigan for ages and I haven’t really enjoyed wearing it so it often gets shoved in a draw.. seeing as its being getting a bit cooler were I am I decided to see if I could make it in to something that I would wear more often. I have also for ages wanted to sew a fleece type dress for winter and this was the closest thing I had without buying any more fabric.

I had 2 problems was that the cardi was lined partly with this fluffy material, so I had to separate the two before  could do anything with the material anyway. The second was that the cardigan was to short for the dress that I wanted! So I used the material I had from carefully picked off around the bottom of the dress to sew it on to the bottom so it was a tad longer & less revealing. Im pretty happy with the result I ended with it looks okay, there are only a few bits of stitching i’m unhappy with & I can always accessorize with a belt to make the dress look more fitted.

It was a really fun project to turn what I had in to something new & more appealing! its made me think about all the stuff I could do with the rest of my clothes (obviously not all of them but I do get carried away..). I think my next project will be turning some leggings & a top in to a jumpsuit.

I tried to film it with a voice over and its not really worked out but I posted it anyway here

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