20 Personal Goals List ~

  1. Lose 20lbs

  2. Wear retainer everyday

  3. Get a job!

  4. Drink 2L of water every day

  5. Use a hair mask weekly

  6. Keep your nails painted not half off half on..

  7. Learn French, practise twice weekly

  8. Read part of a book daily

  9. Write everyday

  10. Meal prep at least one meal for the week

  11. Video something at least 5 x a week

  12. No fast food!!

  13. Cardio minimum 20 mins a day

  14. Text and message people back straight away!

  15. Take more chances..

  16. Do splits stretches daily!

  17. Keep a planner, that’s up to date!!!

  18. Remember to write gratitude

  19. Make a habit tracker for September & keep it up to date!

  20. Try to be more thoughtful and kind.


Another list of 20 obviously…  Just have to actually remember these!

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