Making some pocket money on eBay

I had a day off on Friday and I thought I better make the most of it, so I grabbed the shoes I cleared out the other day and started taking photos for my eBay listings.

I had listed a pair of New Balance trainers earlier in the week for it to finish on Sunday morning, I listed them for a couple of quid as they were used. I watched them climb up in price, and on the day they sold for £16.97 +£4 shipping. So from that it made me think that this was a good way to start my earning journey, it would be nice to start with a clean slate and a bit of extra cash in the pot!

The rest of my listings end on Friday which isn’t ideal as weekend days are usually the best day to end auctions on but it’s okay let’s see how this goes then I’ve got my clothes I need to upload! eBay or selling online is a good way to boost your balance if you have stuff you don’t need/use anymore.

I really enjoyed clearing out my stuff and being able to organise what I want to keep instead of not having enough room and having to chuck everything in a box to hide.. Selling on eBay is very rewarding and I can’t help but feel a bit of a lift when I make a sale! I know quite a few people that have made quite a lot of money through selling online so why not give it a go if you haven’t yet?!

I’ll update you here on Friday with any further sales & updates on selling online!

04/06/18 Total – £16.16

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