Boosting your Creativity when your Stuck

Heya, I hope everyones had a productive day… I haven’t but here are a few things I used to get out of that mood!

Here are a few things I use to boost my creativity and help calm my mind when I feel like i’m stuck and have no new ideas.

  1. Go outside ~ this is a very simple one and i’m sure its one many of you use. Try to forget about your phone and spend some time appreciating whats around you. Sitting inside all day is awful for your energy & mood which can dramatically change your creativity.
  2. Music ~ Putting on a well loved playlist or even a something completely new can set the right mood to start boosting your creativity.
  3. Research ~ Research with the public or even friends and family will be able to give you a completely different outlook on what you were thinking. It’s worth asking questions when you can, the more you know, the more you can put forward.
  4. Meditation ~ Doing a bit of meditation should calm your mind somethings, its hard to be creative when you have millions of other things racing round in your mind. Being able to focus on yourself and your breathing for at least 10 minutes can benefit you greatly!
  5. Do something you love ~ Take a break from whatever you doing and go do something you love for a bit. Go play with your pet, go hula hooping in the garden, go for a drive somewhere. The world is yours, do what you like. Taking a break can boost creativity its as if you return to the task with a fresh mind.

These are just a few things I do to boost creativity when i’m stuck in a rut and really struggling.

Let me know what you do, i’m always looking for new ideas!

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