Apps that help you Save and Earn Money

Here are a few of my favourite apps to save and earn money!

YouGov is an awesome app. This is take from there FAQ on there website – “YouGov conducts polls on the Internet about politics, public affairs, products, brands and other topics of general interest. YouGov polls are taken by people, from all over the nation, who have agreed to share their thoughts on a wide variety of important issues. It is free to join for anyone aged 16 plus and living in the UK.”

This website seems to consistently send me surveys to answer though I have not reached the 5000 points yet I am on my way! The surveys always seem to be pretty short, sweet and simple. Very easy to do whilst your watching TV or something. You can easily sign up here

Vypr is a pretty cool app where is mainly photos of what they want to ask you questions about, usually a yes/no answer, really simple to you so really worth downloading! All you have to do is answer enough questions to reach 10,000 points and they’ll send you a tenner!

Voucher codes is pretty amazing they range of places that they can find you discount for! really worth it if your going out for dinner and as there are tonnes of restaurants on that app!

Top cashback now I think this one is my favourite! remember to use this while shopping online and you will get money back! it usually takes about a month to clear, shorter if your lucky but there are loads of websites on here which can help you save a few quid when your buying online! You can sign up via this link

Receipt hog I was so in to this at first but I lost the spark. All you have to do is scan in your receipts and they will credit you coins,  these coins can be used towards an amazon voucher or paypal cash. Awesome, thats ridiculously right!

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