My Summer Skincare Tips

Here are a few things that are important to remember this summer for your skins sake!

    1. Wear sunscreen. We want to prevent any early ageing don’t we? Please don’t forget how damaging the sun is to your skin put on a decent sunscreen before you go outside!
    2. Moisturise! When the weather changes from cold to warm or warm to cold it can take a toll on your in. Its key to keep you skin nice, soft & hydrated with a summery smelling moisturiser.
    3. Get a facial mist! I have the Vitamin E Hydrating mist from Superdrug. I love it so much it keeps me cool & hydrates my skin plus it doesn’t seem to upset my makeup to much even though it contains oil. There are so many different types out there here are a few links.

  1. Dont forget to wash your face at night. Its hot and we are all sweaty, no doubt we will be sweating twice as much as usual so may be prone to more spots. So don’t forget to take off your makeup at night.
  2. Dont forget your lips! Not only do we need SPF on our skin we need it on our lips too, think how horrible it will be if you got burnt lips!
  3. Wear a hat. Scalps are super sensitive and if your planning on being out all day it would be wise to wear a hat of some sort. Just like lips having a burnt scalp isn’t pleasant.

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