Starting Summer Diet now…

So now that I have realised its been 5 days since I posted that I have decided to actually start… bit awkward I have no excuses apart from I’ve been out with family and basically having my last binge before my diet, Its not meant to work like that but oh well. Ive decided I won’t update this blog daily with what I ate as I feel it may be a bit to much for me!

Day One

This morning I have a lovely breakfast of mashed banana, strawberries and chia seeds.

Its halfway through the day now and I still don’t feel that hungry but to be fair I haven’t actually done that much, so probably not burned that much.  I am off to do a yoga class on the yoga studio app to wake myself up and try to make myself more productive!

Lunch time finally came at 15:00, I had toast with peanut butter on. Really have a thing for peanut butter ill eat it on anything. Not the healthiest but its filling and yummy.

Dinner tonight! Edamame beans, aranchni balls we found in Sainsbury’s! We love Edamame beans so I have a feeling they may feature a lot in my food diary.

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