Budget Concealer Reviews


I recently have tried to find a new concealer up to my standards that is budget…

What I purchased was…

~Revolution Pro Full Cover Camouflage Concealer

~MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal in Peach

-MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal in Yellow

Sorry they’re a bit dirty 😂[[[[
In my picture below I am used the MUA Peach under my eyes, under a layer of Revolution Pro FCCC. I set these concealers with the Revolution Pro Pressed Finishing Powder.


Overall I am pretty impressed with the way my skin looks after application, I did notice that the Revolution Pro FCCC was a tad sticky on my fingers and I could kind of feel it on my face as well. The peach toned MUA concealer really helps in counteracting my dark circles & the RP FCCC was full coverage enough to hide my spots and scars on my chin and brightened up my under eye area as well.


I didn’t find that the concealers finished matte which can sometimes be good, as some dry way to fast, though I have the opposite problem, mine didn’t seem to completely set. Please bear in mind it has been very hot lately and I am a sweaty person so it could have actually been too hot when I was applying my makeup but I don’t tend to have that problem with other concealers.


I will take a photo at the end of the day and you can make up for yourself how you think this concealer has lasted. I am not going to do any top ups of anything because I wouldn’t normally! After yoga still a bit sweaty the coverage has worn slightly but overall it’s still there! Creasing under my eyes makes me feel a little self conscious but I’ve learnt to ignore it and it does stop over time.. I don’t think it looks too bad at the end of the day apart from the coverage, my skin looks quite glowy. It’s been really hot today though..


I really enjoy the coverage of these concealers but I didn’t like how the actually felt on my face. I think it looked good from far away & about arms distance but I really wasn’t 100% on what I looked like close up! I don’t think I will re purchase but I will use these up before I purchase another.

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