DIY Natural Lip balm/ Highlight

Here are the links to the products so you can make this too!
Shea butter 1kg – Certified Organic, Unrefined, Raw, Natural – 100% Pure
LiveMoor 200g Yellow Beeswax Pellets-100% Pure and Natural
Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Ah cool, so I got a bit carried away on amazon & eBay one day and decided I wanted to make my own coloured lip balms so I bought Mica powder(I used rose gold), Shea butter, Beeswax & I already had coconut oil at home.

I used a small microwavable container that I didn’t need anymore and popped the beeswax in there to melt down once that had melted added the shea butter and coconut oil!  Once this has all melted and been mixed together I added a little mica powder in the colour of choice ( I found out the hard way that thick glittery ones don’t come out so great) and mixed into a pot with a cocktail stick. Once I was happy it was thoroughly mixed I popped it in the fridge to set, it sets pretty quickly but to be sure I left mine in for over a hour… Yay all done, now I have homemade natural lip balm!

No I don’t have actual measurements, I kinda just guessed it which isn’t the way to do it online there is a special formulation that i’m sure you can find and make it properly but I am happy with what I made and the colour is amazing!

My rough guide to what I did was kind of do it in 1/4 haha so very helpful!

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