Rimmel wake me up concealer review

So I usually use Bourjois radiance reveal concealer but found this and I used to love it at my old job so thought I would try it again today.

The packaging is fine I prefer concealers with a spongey brush thing for ease of application so this is great for that, the orange lid is eye catching so I don’t lose it in my bag.

The concealer in its self, doesn’t have that much coverage, it’s fine when I’ve applied foundation and just need to brighten that extra bit under my eyes but as I only wear concealer to work now, I don’t feel like my dark circles and hidden all that well! The light reflecting particles do there job and I can see a difference when I apply it but it’s not dramatic enough for me!

This concealer will probably work for someone that doesn’t have as dark under eye circles as me, and someone that doesn’t need as much coverage over all!

I do prefer my Bourjois concealer over this though cause I like the finish better so I doubt I will re purchase this. I’m glad I found it though as I do need to work through my makeup collection for things that don’t work for me

you can purchase this here-Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Effect and Radiant Glow Concealer, Light , 7 ml

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