Review Pravana Vivids violet

Pravana Vivids hair colour

This hair colour gives off amazing results, the first week or two my hair was a beautiful purple colour, I didn’t bleach my hair before I used this, my hair was permanently coloured ginger a while back & it still came out lovely! The colour looked ridiculously intense in the sun, it was amazing.

Nice and awkward photo at work 👍

About two weeks in I noticed my ginge coming through near the roots which I didn’t mind, it looked like orange purple ombré, I loved it reminded me of sunset hair! Though a month later, it’s faded quite a bit but that’s too be expected after a month, it’s a lighter washed out purple with some orange streaks, it is still purple and I still like the colour but I can’t wait to re do it!

A thing I did have a problem with was the colour transferring on to my skin, the first few days after colouring my ears and neck kept turning purple, not a good look! I combatted this with braids, tying my hair away from everything was the solution! The colour ran a lot when I showered so do be careful if you are a messy hair washer, I had to make sure I wiped down the tiles to get rid of the purple foam everywhere making sure not to get it in the grout!

Overall I really love the result of this colour it’s vibrant and beautiful. This dye is perfect for anyone who doesn’t mind doing the upkeep or mind it fading in between colourings.

I will definitely be repurchasing this colour or maybe try a different one to see if they are all so intense on unbleached hair.

Pictures of the results coming soon when I re colour my hair!

You can purchase this here Pravana Vivids hair colour

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