NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner

You can purchase this here
I have been trying out loads of NYX lately and it’s not cause I’m obsessed (maybe slightly). It’s because my local high street boots has had a revamp and I’ve never had NYX readily available before so I’ve been going a bit crazy.

This is the best photo I can take up close 😂 so don’t judge me for it.<
far I have loved a majority of what I’ve bought and it’s the same for this!

Packaging – started black plastic packaging with a fine brush as the applicator perfect for small details as the brush is relatively small.

Pigmentation – This eyeliner is very dark and a true black. I went over my maybelline liner with this and the difference in colour was massive!

Finish – So this has a shiny finish almost gloss like which I like but of course is preference and you can get this liner in a matte finish as well!

Consistency – This liner isn’t too thick or thin, it doesn’t drip, it glides smoothly over my lid. Another plus is that I don’t find this drying out my lids, my L’oreal liner tends to dry me out and crack.

Longevity – This eyeliner lasts all day for me, stays out all day through work, it lasted when I went out all day shopping and it lasts on nights out what more could I ask for?! Though when I rub my eyes harshly it does smudge but I don’t recommend you do that anyway 😂

Overall this is a lovely liner and I think I’ll try the matte version next time really love the brush as I feel like I make less mistakes with it 😂💜

🌟Have a lovely day🌟

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