Eylure enchanted after dark #i need my beauty sleep

  • Easy on, gentle off
  • Contact lenses friendly
  • homemade

These beauty’s made me feel great, I miss wearing false lashes, as I really think it completes my face. I wore them on there own, no eyeshadow or liner & I was really impressed I felt confident enough to go out wearing less makeup that usual! The process of putting them on was pretty simple but if anyone had any struggles there is a guide on the back with links to videos you can watch to make it easier.

I used the glue supplied & cant say I have any faults to report, it kept them on all day. Though it would have looked better if I didn’t move my hand when I was applying and got glue all down my lid which dried clear but still looked gross. They were really easy to remove mine peeled off easily.

If you are in to eyelashes I would defo recommend you do try these out if you can I felt great in then !

Too buy them on amazon click the picture!

2 thoughts on “Eylure enchanted after dark #i need my beauty sleep

  1. Hi! I purchased mine from Tesco, they are available on Amazon’s as well I’ve linked the photo at the bottom of the page. Love your blog looks like you have some great ideas! x


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