Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops ‘Beam Me Up’

You can purchase this here on amazon Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops, Liquid Fortune

Barry M Beam Me Up is a light gold based highlight which gives an intense glow! I purchased this at my local Superdrug.

Packaging- Once again with the dropper bottles. I love these it makes it easier to get the right amount aka not to much! It’s smooth, sleek and feels heavy & good quality.
Coverage – This highlight is intense! I used 1 and a half drops mixed with my foundations & my whole face glows. If I used more than this I feel like it may be to much for me. This is great cause it means you don’t have to use much product which means the bottle will last longer!

Finish – ‘Beam me up’ has a gorgeous shine which glows so bright whenever lights hit it, whilst this is mixed with my foundation it gives me a wonderful natural glow & which other people have mentioned and I feel like my skin has never looked so bright!

Consistency – This is very liquidy and a little siliconey which means it’s a dream to blend, I mean I honestly think my foundation blends better with it. This highlight helps my routine keep short and sweet without have to blend for ages!

Longevity – Even mixed with my foundation this glow lasts all day on my face I haven’t noticed any patches or movement in my makeup since wearing this. It doesn’t seem to noticeably settle in to pores either.

Overall I would repurchase this again, maybe next time a different colour. I really love this & use it every time I wear foundation. I definitely recommend this if you love it when your skin glows!

5 thoughts on “Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops ‘Beam Me Up’

    1. Thank you so much! I usually only mix it with my foundation or moisturiser but I have applied it over my foundation with a blender sponge just bouncing it to blend and it didn’t seem to disturb my foundation to bad!

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