Lacking motivation

Lack of posting, I have felt really uninspired lately, I blame myself and my job. It’s easy for me to sit at my desk, answer calls and generally not do much & it’s my fault cause I am not using my free time wisely.

I haven’t done couch to five k for a week I did week 2 run 1 it was so hot I couldn’t control my breathing which may have put me off though I am not stopping! I am continuing week 2 this week I have been walking for half a hour every day extra so it’s not like I’m not moving!

I only really noticed my lack of motivation a couple of days ago after looking at a weeks worth of to do lists left incomplete. A week is way to long I need to notice as soon as it happens, so I can flip it around sooner with less damage! I need to find different ways to remind me certain things cause I have trained my brain to ignore reminders for a week haha.

Time to find a new way to remind & organise my life, I’ll let you know if I find anything good!

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