Couch to 5k week 1 run 3

15/04/18 Right so I have managed to put off this run for 2 days it was meant to be on Friday but I’m doing it today (Sunday). I have been battling with myself this morning since I woke up trying to put it off till after work. Let’s just do it now, stop putting things off and go…

It’s done! The build up to it was way worse than the actual run the fact I was thinking about it for two days as well probably doesn’t help but sometimes life really does get in the way. There was a reason for missing it on Friday but not for Saturday apart from laziness. So starting from now I need to go for my runs on my scheduled days, no more time wasting.

The run was really enjoyable I left about 6:40, I love the peacefulness of no one else being around in my area & not having to worry about cars or other people was ideal!

As it was my last run of week one, I did put a bit of extra effort in to the 60sec running times, just so I can make sure when the time increases I am able and don’t die..

Week one is totally doable, I smoke and haven’t exercised regularly for a long time. In my job I lift a bit but nothing that would help my cardiovascular level, so defo give it a try!

I am a bit worried about when I have to run for longer periods of time but how else am I meant to improve if I don’t try! I can do it & I need to do it now. I just need to remember these all the time… bring on week 2.

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