Couch to 5 k week 1 run 2

11/4/2018 Sooo today is run 2 and my thighs are a little achey but I am just about to go out and do this! I have a problem with putting things off till the last minute (as you can tell, me writing this before the run) and then not having to do them cause of lack of time…. Not exactly the best way to do anything as I just add and add to incomplete lists of things I need/want to do. It is time to put bad habits behind me and start moving!

It’s done 2 down the rest to go 😂 I have a very doubtful mind and have had a hard time believing I can achieve things.. Even though I had done this run on Monday I didn’t think I would be able to do it today? Weird I know. I made a little mistake by deciding to go through a grassy bit of the racecourse and got very muddy!

I feel like I tried a little harder in the running parts this time cause I remembered to track this run on my Fitbit so maybe numbers matter to me somewhere but I really felt the difference and was sweating a bit more than last time. I defo feel better after this run and can’t wait to try and increase my running times.

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