Couch to 5K


Today I’ve decided to downloads & complete a couch to 5k app, I have chosen one called ‘one you couch to 5k’ and it is 9 weeks long. The aim of this challenge is to is to help improve my cardio score on Fitbit and hopefully make me & my body feel better overall, if nothing happens the fresh air & being outside will do me good anyway.

I am going to start this on the 9th April 2018 and continue this challenge every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for the next 9 weeks. I have mapped out all the dates of my runs in my planner & notes so that I don’t miss any! I am hoping to complete most of these before work at 5 or 6am.

I have just bought a lightweight rain proof jacket aswell so I have no excuses in these April showers! I plan to try & do  run on Sundays as well at my own pace to see if I can see any improvements myself.

Week one

Run 1


It was raining today so a good day to start the rain kept me cool and I actually do not mind running in the rain, it is refreshing & help me go further. Just mind out it can get slippy! So first run done 5 minutes warm up & cool down with 8x 60 seconds running with 90 seconds walking inbetween each. I found this okay up until the end when I started getting stitches cause of my lack of breathing ( I have a cold) but when I did focus on my breating In Out It went away very quickly. I feel really good after that initial run & cant wait to be going for longer! Feeling happier and more postive already. Bring it on.

Run 2-  Wednesday 11/4/18

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