3L a day water challenge for a month

You can purchase a bobble water bottle here Bobble BPA-Free 1 Litre Water Bottle, Blue

I started on the 5th of January drinking 3l of water a day, it’s the 9th now so I’m posting this a bit late.

So far it has been okay I have this bobble water bottle that filters as you drink which is so refreshing and much nicer, it great! The bottle is 1 litre so I will have to drink 3 of these a day. To track my water intake at the top of my daily planner I have written water and drawn 3 boxes next to it for me to highlight in as I drink the bottles.

I am hoping to see some benefits from this, hopefully my skin will be brighter and more clear & it will be interesting to see if my body changes or if my appetite decreases. I will take photos when I remember to see how much my skin changes. The only two things I have noticed so far is that I am going to the toilet much more & I am drinking less of my energy drinks which is a positive thing!

Let me know if your trying anything this January!

Thanks for reading!

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