2018 goals

Here is a list of my goals for 2018!

  1. Keeping organisers and trackers up to date, this is key for me to be more productive & to procrastinate less. I am going to do this by checking my planners am + pm and keeping one with me through out the day!
  2. Create an extra income, currently I am selling all my old clothes shoes and bags on eBay to see if I am made out for selling online. I will also take a trip to my local charity shop to see if I can find any hidden gems! I need a steady income which isn’t from my place of work Just so I feel more financially stable!
  3. Mind, body & soul. This is a key part of my self care, it is so I look at all the aspects of my life, I need to be thinking about this! When I am feeling down I’m going to work through these doing three different appropriate tasks for each. It’s to benefit me so I am at one with myself!
  4. Quit smoking, this is a big thing for 2018 for me I have been smoking since 2013. It is time to stop. I am majorly cutting back in January no more than 6 cigarettes a day & in February quit properly! So let’s just see how much I can improve!
  5. Blog post 4 times a month! I feel like this is important for me to write it down or I won’t do it! I have planned a few posts I need to write and schedule them in to the calendar. I love writing and posting on WordPress it makes me feel better & makes me feel more confident in what I want to say!
  6. My last is to start writing a book, only so I keep my writing frame of mind and I would like to know what’s trapped in my head waiting for be written down!

What are your goals for 2018?

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