Individual Eyelashes update

Hi all, I last told you about my individual eyelashes on the 12th October and I removed them in the 26th. They probably could have go on another week but I thought it was time. Though I was very careful during the removal process, when they were all gone I did notice I have a few patches of where eyelashes used to be and my lashes felt brittle and stiff, so I put some revitalash on and coconut oil and hoped for the best.

It’s 4th November now and my lashes are still a little brittle but a lot better now. I am still coconut oiling at night time and trying not to put to much mascara on during the day for a while. I am only going to use magnetic eyelashes until I am comfortable to remove the lashes and not have half my natural lashes go missing. Maybe I won’t keep them on for as long try maximum a week but I definitely will try them again they are so much more convenient and I found myself using less makeup!

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