L’Oréal dirty pink hair colour

My hair to begin with was a bright yellowish colour to begin with, it had faded from my orange dye on highlights

Then I applied L’Oréal’s colorista semi permanent hair colour in dirty pink. My aim wasn’t to get bright pink hair. My aim was to not have yellow hair anymore and here’s a photo the hair colour now

Sorry it’s not a great photo, I’m at work at the moment, I’ll put a proper one up later but my hairs defo not yellow anymore. I would say it’s an orangey tone with pink highlights which is perfect for me.

If you applied this to properly bleached hair it would probably go pink but I only bleach light enough to put orange on and with the yellow tones I expected this sort of colour.

It’s very wearable and my hair is super soft since leaving my hair to soak in it.

You can purchase this here- L’Oreal Colorista Washout Pink Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

I’ll give you an update on the hair colour in a weeks time next Sunday.


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