Magnetic lashes

Hi All,

I bought some magnetic eyelashes on eBay and they are amazing!

I can definitely see me wearing these daily instead of permanent individuals. I lose less lashes, I don’t need to buy/use glue and you can reuse them. AMAZING!

I will load a photo later of what they look like on. Mine came in a plastic case, you get two strips for each eye and they both have a magnet which will line up. You place the eyelash with the magnet pointing down on top of your eyelashes as close as you can to your lash line but not so close its uncomfortable, once you’re happy you place the bottom lash with the magnet pointing up as close as you possibly can to the upper lash but under your lashes. Once you’re close enough the magnets will do most of the work. Im not going to lie these were a bit fiddley to use at first and I did magnet my eyes shut a few times looking like a bit of a mug but it didn’t take long to get used to and I’m now going to buy a few more packs so I can use them instead of glue applied lashes!

These lashes are all over eBay and amazon if you don’t know where to find them! Here is a link to amazon-//

Have a lovely weekend!


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